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Sandcastle Soaker

Mobile Game In Development

Sandcastle Soaker is a mobile strategy game where you must soak and destroy sandcastles using water balloons. Play through 50 levels of incrementally harder levels and prepare yourself for the sandcastle boss at level 50! Upgrade your balloons and equipment to beat each unique level. Sandcastle Soaker is free to play.

Earthquake Jumper

Mobile Game In Development

Bob the Stickman is being chased by an angry dog! Help him jump over obstacles and see how far you can get in this challenging game. Earthquake Jumper features a brand new game mechanic. Players touch the ground to create earthquake bubbles that force Bob the Stickman to jump!

Would You Rather POLL

Mobile Game in Development

Learn more about the way people think, discover how normal you are, and have fun! In Would You Rather Poll the player is presented with a difficult question with two possible answers. You must select your preferred answer out of these two (usually difficult) possibilities. For example: Would you rather travel back in time, or travel forward in time? After you select an answer, you’ll be able to see which answer was most selected by other players. The above example is exactly 50/50, however sometimes the results can be surprising!


Blue Pill Games is a video game startup currently developing games for mobile platforms. We have three teams of developers working on unique, fun, and thought provoking video games! We always try to come up with unique game concepts that haven’t been tried before in the industry. Currently we have three mobile games in development: Sandcastle Soaker, Earthquake Jumper, and Would You Rather POLL. We plan to develop PC and Console game in the future. Bookmark this page and follow us on our social channels to stay up to date!